Beach Breaks

Beach Breaks Holiday. Most explore tours are packed with action and adventure. Travelling through a country to experience its culture, its landscapes and meet the local people. Occasionally though you might want to try a more relaxing style of adventure.

As you would expect, the explore beach breaks are more than just a week or fortnight lying on a sun-lounger and getting a tan. On our style of beach holiday you could enjoy boat trips to off-shore islands, walk on scenic coastal paths, discover hidden coves and snorkel over coral reefs. Or you might meet local communities and learn about their everyday lives, away from the built up beach resorts.

On an Explore beach breaks holiday you won’t be bored. There’s plenty to keep you busy and interested. But you’ll also have plenty of time to unwind and simply enjoy relaxing on the beach. Every now and then even the most hardened adventurer needs a chance to rest and recharge the batteries!

Phu Quoc Beach Break tour

Phu Quoc Beach Break Holiday

4 Days 3 nights
Availability : 15Sep18'-25Apr19'
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